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See China’s Newly Unveiled Maglev Train. A new high-speed transportation system is taking shape in China.On Thursday, state-owned China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) unveiled a prototype for a new  high-speed magnetic-levitation — better known as “maglev” — train that could dramatically cut travel times in the nation.https://futurism.com/the-byte/see-china-new-maglev-train
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Ouija Boards. Dangerous?

Hello everyone! 

I would like to address the lovely and controversial Ouija Board. Everything I know is from experience and research. Like many, I was terrified of them. I didn’t even want anything with the boards print on it in fear of letting “something” loose. After starting my witch path and really getting a feel for what called to me, I was less scared and became more curious. I personally feel as though they are literally demonized by media and select religious upbringings which harbored a lot of the fear towards them. 

After I have used mine quite a few times, I came to understand it works more like a public payphone. You call not knowing who may answer unless you already have someone specific in mind. As with humans, there will always be spirits who will play games to scare people. I’ve had really good activity with my board but only while I am actively using it and doing so safely. Otherwise it sits like a plain piece of board wherever I put it. I have even tried to experiment to see if it will move on its own and it never did.  

You can find a lot of literature on protecting yourself in a way that feels good for you. Ultimately I would like to stress that what energy YOU bring to the table may possibly be what is mirrored on the board. If you play it as a “joke or for fun” you may call a spirit who wants to play in return. If you send out the energy that you are very scared or think you’ll contact a demon, there is a chance you will call a spirit who likes to impersonate them. This is just my own view on the matter.

I just wanted to get a brief post out into the world because I do feel as though its a very valuable and underused tool in spirit work. If you have any questions, I will gladly answer them! 

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Check out our website at: www.ufosfootage.uk for some proper UFO stuff. I love UFOs. Decoding what’s real and what’s fake is hard as if you don’t believe in Aliens then EVERY UFO is fake, right?

Based on that – everything in UFO videos has got to be a fake!

It’s really hard because everyone likes different things so I just decided to post what “I like”. I used to post stuff thinking “I wonder if people will like this, just like I do”? So then I just shook my head one day and thought to myself hang on a min, I set these pages and groups up for what I like so why am I worrying about if people will like them? It’s true, isn’t that why YOU POST STUFF?

Because you like it.

So now I post the stuff that interests me as that way I can’t get it wrong, no matter what, can I.

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America is the world’s largest terrorist state.

Up to 200 children separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico
border are being held in this tent city outside Tornillo, Texas:

just in case anyone doesn’t already know what it looked like, this is the aerial view of auschwitz I:

feel free to compare that to the pictures above.

oh hey guys remember that time i and almost every other jewish person i know was like “trump is literally going to make concentration camps” and all the white christian people were like

“it’ll be fine”

“That’s what Checks and Balances™️ are for :))))”

“It can’t happen here this is AMERICA”

”We just need to survive the four years until Kamala Harris”

Like….not to be r u d e but 1) you were wrong and 2) there are mass protests on June 30th and if you actually care about this country your ass had better be there.

More info on locations here: https://act.moveon.org/event/families-belong-together/

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