Bungalow 9

Along Lake Brock just before it spills into the sea there are a collection of brightly coloured holiday bungalows. Built a few decades earlier, they remain a popular place for holiday makers. The nine bungalows have been placed with care right on the shores of the lake much to the delight of anyone that rents one.

Identical in layout and decor they are equally sought out, that’s all but bungalow number 9. Even in summer, the most popular holiday season, when accomodation in Beguile, especially along the water ways is at a premium, bungalow number 9 is always empty.

Many have no idea as to why they refuse the bungalow and decide to holiday somewhere else if all the holiday accomodation is full. Older members of Beguile know why though.

The holiday accomodation known by its collective name of the Rivers Rest was built by Janey and Wilbur Duff. Long time residents of Beguile they had bought to fruition their dream of building a place that families could enjoy on the shores of Lake Brock. The first few years saw the Rivers Rest filled with holiday makers enjoying the sun and water and the simple but comfortable accomodation. Popular with seniors and children alike the colourful little bungalows were booked all year round.

In the fifth year of the Rivers Rest Janey, a beloved host, was said to have left to help an elderly relative in a neighbouring town. Wilbur gallantly kept the bungalows open and did his best to accomodate those holidaying by Lake Brock. The year that Janey was absent was one of the hottest the locals could remember and Lake Brock was a popular destination for those wanting to cool down. People staying in Rivers Rest started to complain to Wilbur about an unpleasant odour. Always a thoughtful and accommodating host, he assured them that it was a tidal quirk from the lake and that the hotter summer days were to blame. Though it was bad some relief was give by the stiff sea breeze that came in from the coast.

After about two weeks though, as the stench increased guests started to leave Rivers Rest. One family that decided to stay had two teenage boys who were inquisitive and decided to trace the source of the reeking odour. It bought them to bungalow 9. The curtains were drawn but the locks were flimsy and the two troublesome boys decided to break in to the deserted bungalow. They jimmied the door and were greeted by a nauseating stench the source of which revealed itself as their eyes adjusted to the darkened room.

Janey hadn’t made it out of town, in fact she sat, propped up in a chair in the corner of a room, her suitcase places neatly on the floor beside her.

When finally questioned Wilbur explained that the “woman in the water” had taken a dislike to Janey and had insisted he do something about her. He didn’t have the heart to bury her in the ground and Janey had always had a soft spot for Bungalow 9.

No further explanation was ever given about a woman in the water and Wilbur spent the rest of his life in psychiatric care during which time he liked to regale his fellow inmates with tales of the mysterious woman who stepped from the depths of the lake one winters day.

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