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Earthbound Spirits

Earthbound spirits are disembodied people who have remained attached to the physical realm, having not moved on beyond it, after their physical bodies have expired.

Some paranormal enthusiasts wish for a ghost to hang around them or their residence without knowing what they are asking for – a ghost is a lost soul, no matter how pleasant the ghost may be. When the body dies, the spirit of the person should move on and away from the earth plane by entering into the white light, where loved ones and a feeling of peace, love, and joy are experienced. This is also a healthy, cleansing process for the spirit, and the ones greeting the recently departed bring comfort, aiding the newly disincarnate to adjust to the spirit world.

After the initial dying experience, a life-review ensues and life-issues are worked through, bringing closure which further acts as a cleansing process. Spirits choosing to remain earthbound are found void of this cleansing and closure process, and thus, remain with those of us on earth in an unclean state, experiencing little peace, love, or joy. With hell truly being found here on earth, disembodied spirits co-exist and can unhealthily interact with those physically embodied.

A clean spirit may visit loved ones from time to time for various reasons and may become a spirit guide, or messenger. Clean spirits proceed from the light and are of it.

Darkness does not necessarily mean a ghost will have ill-intent, it simply means the condition of the disembodied spirit is unhealthy. Those who pursue ghosts need to understand that disembodied spirits are still hurting people, though unseen.

If a person does not proceed into the light after death of the physical body, that person will remain earthbound. The condition of the person before passing will be the remaining condition of the disembodied spirit. Emotional traumas, as well as physical pains and afflictions are still felt, even though the spirit is no longer within a body. If the ghost was addicted to drugs, sex , or alcohol for example, then those same addictions also remain. In fact, these addictions and traumas will drive the disembodied spirit into trying to find relief, even though relief will not be found in the physical realm. As the ghost looks backward to the past by remaining earthbound, the prison is complete, as the future becomes lost and not seen as the way out – the light and loved ones (trying to rescue the ghost) become invisible to the disincarnate.

Some disembodied spirits remain earthbound simply to watch over loved ones, possessions or in an attempt to get a final message across to the physically living. Some of the ghosts believe they are actually helping their loved ones, by bringing guidance and strength and seem oblivious to the unintentional harm they may be causing them. In all cases, there is never a good reason for a spirit to remain earthbound, as remaining in darkness is suffering for both those in and out of bodies, no matter how good the intent of the ghost. In comparison, spirits who have moved on unto the light can return and visit those in the earthly realm. They do not negatively affect those who are in physical bodies as ghosts often do, but bring hope, love and encouragement.

Disembodied spirits, however, may actually worsen their condition, either by accident or purposeful, ill-intent, by becoming a possessing spirit. In cases of spirit possession , the darkness is not only experienced by the lost spirit, but by those in physical bodies who have unknowingly become hosts of the disembodied-now embodied spirit.

myhauntedsalem: HAUNTED CABIN GROUNDS!



My name is Lana White.  We were in West Virginia at our cabin back in Nov of 2005.  It was a very clear and sunny day and I was taking pictures of the property a few distance in front of me.  It was the day before hunting season started so no one was around or on the property being it is private and has a fence around it.  I snapped this picture and what seems to me to be a picture of a soldier?  I’m not sure, what baffles me is he looks to be wearing attire of a confederate soldier not union, and the form is very see thru as you can see from this picture. He is looking off to the side also and not towards the camera and appears to be holding a gun of some type with a strap.  I wanted to see if maybe you could shed some light on this picture.  I’ve shown it to many people and we are all in agreement that it seems to be a ghost soldier.  This was up on the very top of the mountains in West Virginia.

Submitted by:  Lana

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