Ernesto Bozzano and Spirit Survival with Carlos Alvarado

Published on Jan 13, 2020

Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, is a Research Fellow at the Parapsychology Foundation, and Adjunct Research Faculty at Sofia University. He is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Near-Death Studies and the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, and is the Book Review Editor of the Journal of Parapsychology, and an Associate Editor of the Journal of Scientific Exploration. Alvarado is also the recipient of the 2010 Parapsychological Association’s Outstanding Contribution Award, the Parapsychological Association 2017 Outstanding Career Award. He is author of the book, Charles Richet: A Nobel Prize Winning Scientist’s Explorations of Psychic Phenomena.

Here he shares his interest and passion for the work of the Italian scholar, Ernesto Bozzano, who was a foremost proponent of the spirit survival hypothesis. He touches on many of Bozzano’s interests including bilocation, transcendental music, hauntings, telekinesis, mediumship, apparitions, and deathbed phenomena. While Bozzano accepted and wrote about living agent psi, he argued strenuously that this could not account for the many phenomena that were documented in the literature of spiritualism, mesmerism, and psychical research.


Scott De Tamble, C. Ht. “Light Between Lives”

Published on Jan 10, 2020

Scott Fitzgerald De Tamble, C. Ht., C.M.T., is a clinical hypnotherapist in Southern California, specializing in Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression. For the past 18 years he has dedicated himself to guiding thousands of clients to a deeper understanding of their eternal soul and their current life’s mission. THIS VIDEO HAD BEEN PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED ON 12/16/2019. IT HAS BEEN EDITED FOR TIME.

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After-Death Communication Panel – Suzanne Maiden, Malynda Cress, Anne Salisbury & Chuck Swedrock

After-Death Communication Panel – Suzanne Maiden, Malynda Cress, Anne Salisbury & Chuck Swedrock, 2017 IANDS Conference

Suzanne Maiden: A Psychotherapist’s journey from Terminal Cancer to Talking to The Dead – Death is not real. 1) Suzanne’s presentation will open with her story – successful psychotherapist – to diagnosis terminal cancer – to seeing spirits 2) Suzanne will share several verifiable experiences of seeing deceased relatives, family or pets of others – often for complete strangers 3) Suzanne will discuss ethical issues around psychic/mediumship phenomenon both from a professional and lay person perspective 4) Suzanne will discuss how to open up to one’s own spirit guides, and deceased loved ones.

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