Mystery Of The Missing Lighthouse Keepers


The year was 1900, and off the remote coast of Scotland lay a small collection of islands known as the Seven Hunters, or the Flannan Isles. One of these Islands,
named Eilean Mor,

was uninhabited part from a single lighthouse. On the night of December 26th, a small ship made it’s way to Eilean Mor. Captain James Harvey was taking Joseph Moore, a replacement lighthouse keeper, to the island. As the ship reached the landing platform, Harvey was surprised to see no one was waiting for them. He knew there were three keepers there, and one of them was to be taken home by him after dropping off Moore. Harvey blew his horn and shot a flare into the sky, and still no one came.

Moore rowed to shore, walked along a jagged cliff and went inside the lighthouse. Moore noticed something was wrong once inside- the door was unlocked and two of three skin coats were missing from their hooks. Moore went to the kitchen to find food half eaten and a knocked over chair. The kitchen clock had also stopped. Moore ran back to the ship and told Harvey, who ordered a search party to search the islands for the missing men. None were found. Harvey sent a telegram tothe mainland. Moore, Harvey and other crew members waited on the island and kept the light burning. Eventually an investigator was sent to the island, and he found the lighthouse keeper’s log. Upon reading it, he noticed that the last few days of entries were odd. On the 12th of December, one of the keepers wrote of ‘severe winds, the likes of whih I haven’t seen before in twenty years’, that one of the men had been ‘crying’ and the other ‘very quiet’.

Log entries on the 13th December stated that the storm was still
raging. Any storm would be no threat inside the lighthouse fortress, however, what’s more odd is that there was no storm on the days the keeper had written in the book. The weather on the 12th, 13th and 14th had been calm. What was also odd that only one man had left his coat behind (in a freezing Scottish December) when they had all left- and why had they all left? Leaving their posts at the same time was against the rules. Some suggest that the men ventured outside for some unknown reason and fell into the sea, however currents would have washed the bodies ashore, and none were found.

Over the following decades, subsequent lighthouse keepers at Eilean
Mor have reported strange voices in the wind, calling out the names of
the three dead men. Theories about their disappearance have ranged from alien abduction to time loops and parallel universes. Whatever the reason for their disappearance, something or someone snatched those three men from the rock of Eilean Mor on that
winter’s day over 100 years ago. To this day, shepherds bring their flocks to graze on the islands, but will never leave them overnight, incase they disapear.


The Klinger’s Couple Close UFO Encounter Incident with Missing Time (1975) – FindingUFO

On June 1975, Karen Klinger and her ex-husband (Dennis Murawska) had decided to get out of their car and walk down a small pier by a lake. The moon, which she had noticed moments earlier, was nearly full and high in the sky at a 45-degree angle, suddenly vanished. All of a sudden something that looked like a bright orange star zipped above the trees over their heads and began to dart in diagonals from one end of the horizon to the other like a falling leaf.

Two other identical objects then appeared. At the urging of her fiancé, Klinger rushed back to the nearby cabin where they were staying with four other people, and begged them all to hurry to the lake to see the objects, which became larger and larger as they got closer and closer to where everyone stood watching. One witness in the group took out a high beam lantern from his car trunk and flashed it four times at the objects, which responded by flashing bright beams of light onto the ground the same number of times.

Klinger and her ex-husband noted a period of missing time. Later under hypnotic regression Karen remembered having a feeling of being enveloped by an intense white beam. Later she recalled facing a form that had static electricity around it. It had a head with shoulders. She received telepathic messages of what the figure was trying to convey.

The message was that the world was on the verge of environmental catastrophe and that she had a role to play in the rebuilding process. They say that they were not going to allow humans to destroy themselves.








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