hauntedsprings: I’ve been debating whether or …


I’ve been debating whether or not to share the final piece of this story…  I have revisited that night again and again in my head and I still struggle with what happened. In the end, I believe I have to tell the whole story.

After the death of the real Conductor on the active Railroad, following the Blood Moon and the  Eclipse, I knew I had to return to the Costilla Bridge; it was the closest Train Bridge to the Industrial Complex where she was killed.  My last visit to the Costilla Bridge was one of suffocating fear and it ended with me leaving in a panic. I knew I had to be more determined this time around.  When I arrived, the Street Lights were still on but it was dark nonetheless.  I wasn’t there long before I saw the strange bluish light again. It was moving along the tracks southward toward the End of the Line, where I first saw it. There was no way I could walk around the complex in time to reach the End of the Line; my only choice was to climb the embankment on the side of the Costilla Bridge and enter the Abandoned Train Yard.  I hesitated to think for a minute about what might really be happening… I decided to move forward. I climbed the embankment as quickly as I could but it was steep and overgrown with vegetation. I peered over the top into the darkness, wondering if someone would be standing there or if the light might reappear or if my own flashlight would be too much… Nothing. I crested the hill of the embankment to see only darkness. I searched somewhat frantically looking for anything – a person, a light, a stranger, a ghost. The pounding of my heart and my breathing made it hard to concentrate or think critically but I could feel the presence there in the dark and I began to feel desperation. Suddenly the light was back! I searched for something to see with the flashlight as I struggled to stay rational and then it was gone as suddenly as it re-appeared. My feeling of panic was increasing by the second as I searched for the presence until suddenly I saw something laying on the tracks. At first it looked like a leathery old sack – something discarded long ago. That’s when I realized I was looking at the head of the Conductor! I snapped. In utter panic I turned and ran as fast as I could away from the head, away from the presence, and away from the Abandoned Railyard… Down the embankment, up the street and away.

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