New paranormal video – Paranormal Investigatio…

New paranormal video – Paranormal Investigation – The Man in the Closet

Disembodied voices, a being in the closet, many ghosts and a portal is what we found on this investigation. Come and check it out!



Your Daily Ghost Story #071 • The Beast Of Gévaudan Terrorises France

Our story starts in 1764, when the residents of Gévaudan started noticing people were dying. Sure, its nothing new, but when their throats were consistently being ripped out, concerns were raised.

With 210 attacks being blamed on these legendary man-eating animals or wolf-dog hybrid, this became a legend all too real for the inhabitants of the area. Lone men, women and children near livestock were the victims, suggesting a normal beast attack, right?

But when they discovered that only the necks were being targetted, this pointed to much more mythical roots, explaining why today we consider this one of the most prominent potential sightings of a werewolf.

*howls at moon*

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